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Our Story

LockerLookz was born when two moms, Christi and JoAnn, saw how excited their pre-teen girls became about decorating their first school locker.

When the moms went looking for locker decorations, they were surprised at the lack of decorative items for school lockers. Organizational items were readily available, but there were few products to make lockers decorative and fun. It seemed their only options were to buy supplies from a craft store or to try to retrofit existing decorative products into the locker. This took a lot of time, energy and money.

Christi and JoAnn made another important discovery. Locker items were difficult to install during the frenzy of “Locker Day”. They immediately realized the need for a ready-made locker design system with coordinated items that were easy to install. “Back-to-School can be a crazy time for families and we wanted to create a convenient option for parents to purchase an entire locker decorating system at one time,” say the founders. To accomplish this, Christi and JoAnn felt they needed to create an entire locker “look” which ultimately led them to their company name…LockerLookz.

Our Mission

To provide and deliver a creative environment with fun products that enable students to positively express their personality in educational and social settings.

Our Goal

LockerLookz seeks to provide students an avenue of positive self-expression through a unique locker decorating experience. Offering a mix-and-match locker design collection, LockerLookz strives to make locker decorating fun and easy while making the buying experience exciting and convenient. Additionally, our goal is to provide a school-friendly product that is non-adhesive and won’t damage lockers.

Products by LockerLookz

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