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Lovely Baby Music

After the human voice, music is the original interactive medium. Today, it remains the most beneficial learning resource for your baby. For maximum brain development, babies require appropriate stimulation. Care must be taken to avoid over-stimulation, as this could lead to developmental problems later in life - including ADD. Providing high-quality, age-appropriate music is the best way to give your baby the proper start in life.

Lovely Baby creator, Raimond LapCreated by award-winning composer and international baby music expert, Raimond Lap, Lovely Baby is the only original music series in the world specifically created for babies, ages prenatal to 36 months. Through carefully crafted arrangements, these original recordings have been optimized for a baby's sensitive ears, and contribute to their emotional and intellectual development. It also produces extraordinary physical responses from them.

Our unique recordings gently stimulate and relax babies, putting them in a positive mood. They are then in a most receptive frame of mind to learn and develop.

Millions of babies in more than 80 countries have benefited from the music of Raimond Lap. With music so overwhelmingly successful around the world - regardless of ethnic background, nationality or native language - Lovely Baby CDs are truly the international language of babies.

Our music has been embraced by the early childhood development and early literacy communities, and is used in elite infant education programs around the world - including those of the U.S. Military.

One of the biggest reasons Lovely Baby CDs are so successful is that grown-ups love our music as much as their babies do. The simple fact is - if parents don't find the music appealing or just can't "deal with it," they will not play it for their babies. Lovely Baby CDs are played more often and for longer durations of time than other "baby music."

Research we conducted revealed many women play our music - on a daily basis - while pregnant. Respondents explained the soothing sounds diminished the stress they were constantly experiencing. Medical research shows reducing a pregnant woman's stress not only helps her, it also has positive effects on the fetus, making for a healthier birth.

Lovely Baby is proud to announce the upcoming release of our new series of CDs for grown-ups. Using the same approach to relaxation through the use of music, Raimond Lap has created several new recording including “Music For Brains,” “Lovely Pregnancy” and “Sleepy Seaside Piano.”

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