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Madeline L. Pots

Madeline writes songs that are fun. They dwell in the child's realm of play and relationships. She sings about the things that kids think about, and sometimes, the things that parents think about kids. She has released three award winning CDs, each featuring her beloved ukulele along with other instruments, her warm vocals,and rich harmonies. Adults listening to Madeline's CDs will be impressed by the musical quality, as well as the wholesome simplicity of the songs themselves, which reach into the child's world and point of view.
On "Granpa's Car" she incorporates story telling on "Little Red Wagon". She contrasts tropical steel drums on "Make a Funny Face, Marielle" with a gentle rendition of on old-time favorite, "Jenny Jenkins". The title song will keep kids and their parents laughing, especially when Grandpa himself chimes in on the vocals.
"Gonna Plant A Garden" is a charming and graceful collection of songs that will be loved by all, including parents and grandparents.

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