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Micro Kickboard / Kickboard USA

Kickboard USA is the official US distributor for Swiss company Micro-Mobility Ltd., importing and distributing kick® and micro® brand scooters, kickboards and luggage through 500 stores across the USA, as well as

Owners Julie and Geoff Hawksworth discovered the micro® brand while living in London in 2003. While taking her daughter to school, Julie spotted a commuter on a scooter and was so impressed with its design and evident quality that she went home and promptly ordered one, the first of many micro® scooters for her and her family. Daughter Sophie, 5, rode the 2-wheel micro flex scooter to school, with Julie running behind and riding it home. Julie says she loved the way the flex turned her 20-minute walk into a fast, fun scoot. She was amazed by the smooth glide, even on London sidewalks, and couldn’t help but compare its solid construction with the somewhat rickety construction of other major brands. It was also a quiet ride, something she thinks kids as well as parents will notice and appreciate. The quality difference between micro® scooters and other brands is what makes the micro® scooter a credible mode of mobility for adults as well as kids.

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