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Oh, That Baby! Ltd.

Let’s face it, sooner or later, every baby cuts teeth; and for everyone involved, teething sucks!  Babies are inconsolable and parents are stressed to the max!  For ages, experts have recommended cold spoons to ease teething discomfort, but the inherent design of a spoon isn’t particularly safe for small infants.  We all know teething babies will chew on anything to get relief. Why not give them something that is clinically proven to reduce their painful symptoms?

We’re pleased to introduce you to Toofeze -- COOLEST Teether Ever!  We’ve simply put a new twist on an age-old remedy.  Toofeze has the same benefits of a silver spoon, just better and safer. With its three distinct chewing surfaces, Toofeze helps through all phases of teething, including 2-year molars. The disk chills instantly, anywhere, and the handle stays a comfortable temperature so baby doesn’t have to hold anything cold.

Toofeze is made of all-natural stainless steel and silicone. The basic antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties make it a safe alternative to many of the “toys” babies chew on to get relief. With its food-grade ingredients, Toofeze meets the high standards of today's health and eco-conscious families. Its functionality and durability make Toofeze a valuable “teething tool” rather than an everyday teething toy.

Toofeze helps develop fine motor skills, provides sensory stimulation, and promotes self-recognition. The ergonomic shape allows babies to self-satisfy and self-manage their changing teething needs. We have won 10 top industry awards, including PTPA and AblePlay, endorsing Toofeze for all infant developmental abilities.

Our mother/daughter team at Oh, That Baby! Ltd. created Toofeze to develop and bring to market a safe sensible baby teether. Our company’s mission is to improve the lives of babies and people who love them during a challenging phase of infant development. We contribute to nationwide non-profit organizations in an effort to help nurture underprivileged and at-risk babies because we believe every baby deserves a Toofeze.

“Thank you so much for sharing the Toofeze with me. What a healthy, safe way to help infants and parents get through the difficult time during the eruption of baby teeth!”�?�- Steven Law, DDS, Metro Dental Care, Denver, CO

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