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Omnicor, Inc.

Omnicor, Inc. Wikki Stix

Omnicor Inc. or better known as the “Wikki Stix Company” is a small company Omnicor, Inc. Wikki Stix glassesthat manufactures amazing, innovative products for kids. The products are so wonderful, entertaining, and inspiring for children, but at the same time they provide peace and quiet to their families. Parents and grandparents will be happy, since the kids are kept busy and quiet.


The company creates a really well known toy. It is the “Wikki Stix” One-of-a-Kind Creatables, which is the famous waxed yarn creativity toy. For more than twenty years, it has won plenty of awards for its originality. It has won awards from the Parents’ Choice, Dr. Toy and This is a toy that is really suitable for classrooms too. It is a helpful tool for teachers. Kids have fun, but at the same time the toy can be extremely educational too.

You can find the products of this amazing company in five continents. You can buy them in craft and hobby stores, kid friendly restaurants, educational supply stores, and in specialty toy stores.

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