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Pacific Play Tents, Inc.

Pacific Play Tents has been a leader in the play tents category and our products have become synonymous with quality and safety as well as creativity and educational play value. Our dedication to safety goes will beyond the required testing. We instated our exclusive "padded interior" tunnels more than 10 years ago. This was done to make sure that as our children crawl through our tunnels; they didn't get hurt or feel the wire in the tunnel. We changed from inexpensive hollow PVC pole systems, (that many companies continue to use) we use our patented "G-3" pole system of a shock corded fiberglass pole encased in polyurethane. Not only does this production method make for a safer pole, but it makes for a stronger pole as well. We eliminated all draw strings and cords years ago and replace them with Velcro. We continually strive to be at the forefront of innovation and safety, insuring that each and every Pacific Play Tent item is the very best product on the market. Ask for us by name…Pacific Play Tents – “Where imagination is limitless”.

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