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Safari Ltd.

A  Family Story
Safari Ltd® was inspired in 1979 by an endangered species card game that my parents Bernard and Rosemarie Rubel discovered while visiting the Munich Zoo in Germany. Fueled by their passion to educate through the joy of play, my parents transformed that rummy game into a collection of museum-quality figures enjoyed by children, adults, educators and collectors alike.


As we grew, we signed license agreements with Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the Monterey Bay Aquarium® in 1986 and 1994. These licenses established us as a leading producer and distributor of scale model dinosaurs and sea life worldwide. 

Inspired by my parents’ passion, my son Alexandre Pariente, daughter-in-law Christina Pariente and I continue to create authentic figures that speak to the innate curiosity in all of us.

Three generations later, we are pleased to offer more than 1,000 realistic, hand-painted products that teach children the importance of nature and its conservation through the joy of play.

"We invite you to Discover the Frontiers of your Imagination® with us".

Ramona Pariente - Owner & CEO

Who We Are

For three generations, Safari Ltd® has been a leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of educational toys specializing in authentic, hand-painted figures.


Safari Ltd® underscores the importance of creating Toys that Teach™. We provide educational information online in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian for each of our figures. Our team thoroughly researches the latest wildlife news, conservation efforts and prehistoric discoveries to ensure this information is accurate, yet captivating.

Imagination in Play

Imagination is a fundamental element of the learning process. Our collections include more than 1,000 products, spanning from mythical creatures to historical figures. From dinosaurs to wildlife, dragons to fairies, horses to farm life, reptiles to sea life, Safari Ltd® takes you on a journey of wonderment.

“At Safari Ltd®, we design toys that enrich the joy of play. In a highly technological world the most endangered species is the imagination … Without imagination, the individual loses the creative spark. We intend to never let that happen”.

Bernard A. Rubel - Founder, 1994

Museum-Quality Authenticity

At Safari Ltd®, we carefully craft our products for the most discerning eyes of all – those of a child. Before designing each figure in the USA, our sculptors thoroughly esearch the anatomy of each animal to ensure our figures are as lifelike as possible. We continually update each sculpt as new scientific data emerges.

Artfully Painted By Hand

No two Safari Ltd® figures are the same. Each product is hand-painted with sometimes up to 20 different steps.

Products by Safari Ltd.

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