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Sandkidz.Com was founded in 2007, to promote family fun and awareness at our beaches. Whether you’re there for a day, or a week, our games and crafts will provide your family with hours of enjoyment.

Sandkidz.Com conducts weekly reviews of beaches with your “family” in mind. These reviews will include: beach information, costs, parking, directions, beach amenities, local amenities, jogging/bike paths and traffic information.

Our weekly Did you know? page will spotlight everything from sea creatures, beach traditions, creative crafts and items we think will interest you.


Our product line:

Sandkidz Beach Guide consisting of craft & game ideas which were designed to bring families and friends together at the beach.

Sandkidz T Shirts/Sandkidz Pirate T Shirts

Bucket of Sandkidz- Randy & Sandy plush in a beach bucket

Bucket of Sandkidz Pirates-Randy & Sandy Pirate plush in a beach bucket.

We hope you enjoy our website and products and look forward to seeing you at our beaches real soon.

All the best,
Matt Moran and the gang at Sandkidz.Com

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