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The Fiammetta Toy Co, Inc. (Stork Babies)

The Fiammetta Toy Co. Inc.™ was created in 2012, debuting with the wonderful tiny doll line Stork Babies™. Not just dolls, they are so much more, all Babies are passionately designed by Elizabeth Cross and her 3 little girls, River, Starla and Elysium.

A percentage of profits from all Stork Babies™ sales goes to Plan Canada – “Because I am a Girl” charity, helping children in 3rd world countries access to education and nourishment. The Fiammetta Toy Co. supports this amazing charity and shares their beliefs and philosophy, regarding the empowerment of children.

Stork Babies™ are NOT JUST DOLLS, they are so, so, so much MORE! When you purchase Stork Babies™, not only are you helping your own kids with believing in themselves when you read and talk about the sayings on the back of the box, you are helping little ones in third-world countries get educated and nourished! Please spread the word about these amazing little gifts to the world!

Stork Babies are adorable mini-bean babies that come in vibrant colors. All of the collections come from different parts of the world, and all the dolls have their own place of origin, unique names and empowering sayings!

Products by The Fiammetta Toy Co, Inc. (Stork Babies)

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