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About the Book
Not since the three bears has there been a children's story about the family of three or the only child. This book captures the spirit and love of the family of three and invites other family numbers to participate. The book is interactive and asks children to draw pictures representing their own family unit. This makes the book more than just a story book but a pictorial journal of the child's personal family experience.

Inspired by her own family of three, Vivian Cameron-Gallo sets out to take the "only child" out of the isolation that generalizes and labels the only child. The single child does not stand alone but stands as an important part of a larger unit, a family. This interactive story is about families and the things they do together. The author hopes that the reader will follow along and draw pictures about their family on the blank pages designed for this purpose. The illustrations by Christina Simcic have captured the love of many different families. This book is made from the heart for all the young hearts beating to become our future. "We're Three" let's you know that your place in the world is special!

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