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The Talking Jar Series Inc.

The Talking Jar Series Inc, is a Company that believes that, although electronic communication is valuable to the growth of certain entities, we have allowed it to interfer in the valuable time spent with families and friends genuinely learning about each other and growing rich and indepth relationships. We are striving to bring people back to a safer and more secure sense of oneself through relationship building. It's all about Talking!

Our Unique Jars cover a multitude of subjects, such as, Talking, Marriage, Family, Teens, Grief, Anger, Bullying.These Create conversation through a series of open ended questions to be shared, which have been proven to create conversation, learning and improved Listening skills. The product is for everyday use. Why wait until you have a problem to share valuable heart felt feelings.

Everyone wants to be heard. Why do little babies cry? They are trying from the very beginning to "talk" and want to be heard. Young children talk alot because, they want to be heard, wives repeat themselves regularly, why? Because, they want to be heard. Even husbands want to be heard. We all want the same thing. someone to care and listen and yes, TO BE HEARD!

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