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If you thought you were excited about Hanukkah and the month of Kislev before, wait until you see what this year has in store for your fun and fabulous Jewish mishpachas! It’s time to get the kids fired up about Hanukkah and their Jewish faith. It's time to create a tradition your family can enjoy for years to come, and to add a little magic to the Menorah. It is time for the….Maccabee on the Mantel!

Nah, we’re not meshugeneh, we’re just a couple of Jewish parents who want to give Rudolf a run for his money. Hey, being a Member of the Tribe (MOT) rocks and we’re here to prove it. Maccabee on the Mantel is an interactive book and toy concept designed to allow families the flexibility to create their own personal holiday traditions while at the same time, educating their children about the story of Hanukkah in a fun and playful way.Toy Vey Macabee on the MantelThe Maccabee is a sweet, smiling soldier who helps pass on the principals of mitzvah and the tenants of Judaism and he is here to spend Kislev with you. You can hide him Afikomen style and send the kids to search, you can use him as a reward for good behavior, maybe he joins you for Dreidel, latkes or candle lighting, or perhaps he just sits stoically by your side as you and your child read his tale.

The doll is high quality plush that is perfect for snuggling. The accompanying book is a clever recount of the story of The Festival of Lights and the Maccabee told in rhyme and illustrated in beautiful watercolor. Both story and doll are appropriate for children of all ages. Together with the book, the doll, and the heartfelt belief that the 5,773 year old tradition of Judaism is pretty awesome, we want to keep the family tradition of Hanukkah alive!


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