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At age ten, I made up my first game, The Quest for the Holy Pelota (which means ball in Spanish). The game was basically Capture the Flag with a little more action, but I couldn't play it enough.

In high school, the one elective I could choose my senior year was Entrepreneurship. Even back then, I knew I didn't mind if I ran my own lemonade stand, I wanted to be my own boss.

Throughout my "party" years, I could not go one weekend without creating (with the help of friends, of course) a new drinking game.?
At age twenty-eight, I finally started my own business, doing custom software for small businesses. While the venture paid the bills, I quietly dreamt of actually creating something to sell, something tangible.

My wife and I can not go out and order appetizers without me making a game of the decision on which appetizer to order (bless her heart for playing along).

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