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Wiggles 3D Incorporated

"As you go through life there's some things you remember and other things you never forget."

– Jim Reid

Fondly remembered, the late Jim Reid (1915-2005) was the patriarch and inspiration for Don't Quote Me®. Jim could always turn a phrase, sometimes borrowed, but most often original. Over time the use of phrases and quotes became a source of enjoyment for Jim's family and friends, and as we've discovered, for so many people around the world.

The journey...

A natural beneficiary of Jim's phrases, son, Don Reid is the architect of Don't Quote Me®. During a sunny southern vacation enjoying the warm sands, the serenity of the ocean waters, and the fellowship of his wife Joyce, and a couple of special friends, Mike and Ruth Marcuz, the notion of building a new game concept was born. Connecting the idea for a game with the experience gained from years of exposure to quotes and anecdotes made perfect sense. And so the journey continued as the Don't Quote Me® brand evolved.

The original game...

People enjoy quotations and they enjoy playing a good game, and that's why Don't Quote Me® - the game of skill, knowledge and really, really good guesses is an ideal addition to any gathering of friends or family. As the first of the Don't Quote Me® branded products, the board game is a rich source of entertainment, inspiration, contemplation and fun. It's easy to play, it's challenging and rewarding, and it features both competition and collaboration for added enjoyment.

The growing portfolio of games and brands...

Once Wiggles 3D (our operating company name) had established Don’t Quote Me we were asked by retailers and game enthusiasts to develop more products that would entertain their customers & families. Our portfolio has now grown to include several new brands including Pass the Popcorn – our movie game, Eye Know – the visual trivia betting game (and Mensa Award winner), Villa Paletti – the first of our abstract strategy games and more recently Yikerz! the game of magnet fun. Each product broadens our selection and brings more fun to people of all ages and interests. We remain committed to continuing to innovate both through new games created in-house and through co-branding and licensing with game developers.

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