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12 Creative Consequences for Kids

by Sarah Lyons

Before becoming a parent, the idea of disciplining children seemed fairly straightforward. It follows logic that if you set limits, use consistency, and respond firmly, but lovingly, children will learn to correct their behavior.  As I became a more experienced mother, I quickly learned that traditional methods of discipline, such as time out, do not work with every child, every time. Thinking outside of the traditional methods of discipline and trying new and creative consequences may improve behavior. Here are some ideas:

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1. Buy it back - Toys left on the floor after the designated pickup time will be confiscated by a parent. Children will be allowed to buy back each item for $1. (  If the children are not earning an allowance, they may do something extra around the house to earn the item back.

2. Practice makes perfect - When chores aren’t done to the parent’s standards, have kids “practice” doing it over and over again until they become an expert.  (

3. Silly faces - “If siblings were fighting, they had to make five faces at each other. They would end up laughing and forget what they were fighting about to begin with.” says Marianne Lincoln, mother of five.

4. Team spirit - Siblings who fight can also be assigned projects or chores to work on as a team. By the end of the day, they will have learned to work together.

5. Open door policy - If your teen slams the bedroom door when angry, take away the privilege of privacy and remove the door for a week.

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