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Wintertime Family Bucket List

It's the most wonderful time of the year and there is plenty to do indoors and outdoors on this bucket list. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

Happy, Healthy, Kid-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions

This January, teach a lesson in tenacity by helping your children set and work toward personal goals.

Is Modeling Right for Your Child? Is It Right for You?

Is Modeling Right for Your Child? Is It Right for You? Read more to determine what is best for you and your family!

10 Christmas Picture Books from Around the World

Many families establish and enjoy little holiday traditions of their own. For instance, we like to open one gift on Christmas eve, leaving the rest under the tree until the following morning.

Which Advent Calendar Should You Choose?

The prospect of having a Christmas advent calendar in our house fills me with delight. What kind of a Christmas Advent calendar are you planning this year?

Thanksgiving Traditions For Families

Holiday traditions strengthen family bonds and create emotional security and fond memories. Involving children in the preparation and celebration of holidays gives them a sense of belonging and importance.

Child Modeling and Why It’s Probably Not for Me (or My Kids)

Modeling can be fun, but is it right for you and your child?

Kids Give Back

One of the most empowering ideas for children is Service Learning. Kids learn to give back to the community and become star citizens!

Ways to Give Joy on Your Child's Birthday

Love-bombing my children on their birthdays has become a favorite family tradition. My husband remembers with fondness how each year when he was growing up, the birthday child would wake up to getting his or her nose buttered by the rest of the family.

Family Fall Bucket List

Fall has arrived! I've compiled a list of 40 of my favorite fall family activities.

Puppet Theater with Folkmanis Puppets

In a high-tech world where parents turn to their children for computer help and play games on their cell phones, there’s one company continuing to inspire imagination and play with its heartwarming, no-batteries-required toys....

10 Ideas for (Non-Candy) Halloween Treats

Halloween holds a variety of wonderful traditions: from uniting the whole family in the work of putting together costumes to calling upon neighbors on the trick-or-treating route.

Ghost Hunting in the Dark

A non-scary, fun Halloween activity.

10 Ways to Drop Off Your Preschooler on Good Footing

As a  mom of two preschoolers with separation anxiety, I was first inspired to write an article titled "How to Execute a Tear-Free Drop Off."  Then realized the goal shouldn't be about how your child reacts to saying goodbye to you, which he may have very little control over, but about how to leave him on solid footing in a peaceful state of mind.

A Colorful Tribute to Family: Celebrate Day of the Dead with Your Kids

The Day of the Dead is famous for its rich iconography – skeletons dancing about in traditional Mexican costume, multi-hued flower bouquets and edible sugar skulls.

4 Ways to Start a Nature Collection

After the blinding brightness and scorching heat of summer days, autumn brings pleasant warmth to colours and air, which makes the evenings so pleasant that we like to spend them outdoors.

12 Picture Books to Read This Fall

Does it feel like fall where you live? It certainly does around the Great Lakes. In our family, we like celebrating the change of seasons with new books. Out come the seasonal books from the previous years, and if they are not enough, we take a trip to the library. Here is the list of our favourites to read in the fall.

7 Ways to Inspire a Child to Practice an Instrument (Without Tears)

Playing the piano wasn't always fun for me.  In fact, it was dreadful at times.  But starting from age 4, I remained a dedicated pupil for almost two decades, thanks in large part to my parents.  There are things about my training that worked well to inspire me and things I wish I could've changed.

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

In the book Gooney Bird Greene, briefly reviewed in the article Back to School Books, the second-graders were learning about telling stories. Their teacher thought that they might want to tell stories about Christopher Columbus, but the students insisted on stories about their intriguing new classmate the bright and strong-willed girl Gooney Bird Greene.

A Different Kind of Classroom

Julia Child. Chelsea Clinton. Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. What do these successful folks share in common? A Montessori education.

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