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Introducing The TwinGo Baby Carrier!

Do you have twins or two children close in age? If so, this revolutionary baby carrier will be a must-have on your list for the holidays!

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The TwinGo Carrier has an innovative design, which features two contoured seats to individually support both babies in an ergonomic, inward-facing position to maintain healthy hip and spine positioning. The carrier connects the two seats to a single set of padded shoulder straps reinforced for tandem wearing; one baby is able to ride in the front and one baby rides in the back.

Twin Go CarrierFeatures such as the interlocking lumbar waistbands are fully adjustable to ensure comfort for parents of all sizes and are designed to be worn at variable heights to keep both babies close and visible. A bonus option is to convert the TwinGo into two separate ergonomic carriers by adding a second set of padded shoulder straps, allowing two parents to carry one child each on the front or back. The carrier sports two adjustable, removable sleep hoods and extra-large pockets to store diaper bag essentials or fold the entire carrier inside for compact storage.TwinGo Carrier

Krystal Workman, founder of TwinGo LLC and mother of twins sheds some insight on how this amazing concept was imagined and then created! 

“Parenting two children has its challenges, including the logistics of getting out of the house and equally sharing your love and affection when both babies need to be held. Being able to safely carry your precious little ones at the same time and still have your hands free to multitask is highly empowering."

“Parents have been asking for a safe, comfortable tandem carrier with ergonomic positioning for twins or children close in age. After four years of research and development, TwinGo’s sophisticated design not only meets ergonomic and comfort expectations, but passed rigorous safety testing in both the US and Europe. Babywearing has so many benefits and we are excited that parents of two children get to share in that experience too.”

The TwinGo carrier can be purchased via their website and now available in major online stores such as Amazon and Green Mommy in the US and several others internationally. Click here for the full list of resellers.

For more information visit them at or email at

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