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50 Fun Snow Day Activities

by Rebecca Eanes


Make This Together

  1. Hot Cocoa – It’s a snow day staple.
  2. Snow Cones – You have the snow; you just need the syrup! Here’s a 3-ingredient recipe!
  3. Snow Ice Cream – This is totally on my snow day bucket list this year!
  4. Snow Globe in a Jar – I can’t think of a more perfect snow day craft.
  5. Polar Bear Masks – This craft from I Heart Crafty Things is seriously cute.
  6. Marshmallow Snowman – This craft found at Happy Home Fairy is perfect for toddlers!
  7. Penguin Paper Plate Craft – Does your kid love penguins? This is super adorable.
  8. Winter Tree Craft – There’s a version here for younger children and one for older kids.
  9. 3-D Paper Snowman – This is a free printable!
  10. Beadie Snowman – Got pony beads lying around? 

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Play This Inside

  1. Board games and card games are great snow day activities.
  2. Built a fort. You can’t go wrong with a pillow and blanket fort if you want to make some awesome memories.
  3. Balloon tennis is a fun, active indoor game using 2 paddles and a balloon. Try to keep the balloon from hitting the ground. It’s like badminton!
  4. Indoor bowling is a lot of fun for kids of all ages.
  5. If it’s too cold outside to play in the snow, bring the snow indoors. Fill a baking pan with snow and let your child “paint” it with food coloring.
  6. Make indoor snow castles! Bring in buckets of snow and put in the bath tub. Bring out your child’s sandbox toys.
  7. Have a “snowball fight” indoors with balled up socks, or throw the balled up socks in baskets to score points.
  8. Have an indoor scavenger hunt!
  9. Fill several sandwich bags with random Lego bricks and hide them around the house. Have your child hunt for the bags. When she finds one, she must build something with the bricks in the bag, and then move on to find the next one.
  10. Create a box town with empty cardboard boxes and masking tape.

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Play This Outside

  1. Sure, you could build a snowman, but why not get really creative? How about a snow caterpillar?
  2. Play snow baseball by setting up mounds of snow for home, first, second, and third. Then place an empty water bottle on each base. The “pitcher” throws snowballs at the bottles until all are knocked over. The one who does this in the fewest pitches wins.
  3. Sled races! Split into teams of two. One pulls the other on the sled and races against the opposing team.
  4. Fill squirt or spray bottles with water and several drops of food coloring. Spray paint the snow to make cool designs.
  5. Colored Ice Hunt – Freeze colored ice cubes and hide them around the yard.
  6. Play freeze tag! Just don’t stay out there so long that you are literally frozen!
  7. Follow Yeti is a hide and seek game where the Yeti makes heavy footprints in the snow for the seekers to follow. The Yeti can try to throw off the seekers by walking backward in his own footprints and changing direction or hopping on one foot. After waiting an appropriate amount of time, everyone else sets out to find the Yeti. If the Yeti makes it back to the starting point without being seen, he wins. The first person to see him is the new Yeti. Find this and more games here.
  8. Build an igloo. Tutorial here.
  9. Make these colored ice sculptures in the snow from Happy Hooligans.
  10. Pin the eyes on the Snowman. Blindfold, spin, and try your best!
Rebecca Eanes is the bestselling author of multiple books including Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide, The Positive Parenting Workbook, and The Gift of a Happy Mother. She is the grateful mom of two boys. 


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