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Get Organized for Back to School


Get a list of items needed

Shopping for school supplies and fall clothes can be costly. Before you head out to purchase all new items, take an inventory of what school supplies you have on hand and what you will need to purchase. Scissors, calculators, rulers and other similar items can be used again. You may be able to use lunch boxes and backpacks for several years. Before purchasing new clothing for the school year, go through your child’s closet to see what you really need. It’s possible your child has outgrown every pair of pants over the summer and it’s also possible they are able to wear the previous year’s clothing for a few more months. It’s best to know what you really need before going out and spending money on things you already have.


Get meals prepped

When the school year gets into full swing, meal planning can help make your days run smoothly. Plan to have lunch packing items on hand for back to school. Decide if it is easier to pack lunches the night before or first thing in the morning or to pack several lunches for the week on Sunday night. Also try planning some easy weeknight meals that you can prepare in advance to streamline busy evenings. Slow cooker or freezer meals may be helpful as you adjust to a new back to school routine as well. The key is to have a plan or you may find yourself in the drive through more than you would like.

Back to school is an exciting time but it can be stressful when you don’t feel organized and prepared. A little planning ahead will help everyone in the family feel ready to face a new school year.

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