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MagnaColeraze Search-A-Word Coloring Puzzle

by MagnaPlay

MagnaColeraze Search-A-Word Coloring Puzzle

Search-A-Word puzzle is a large grid, filled with letters, that has words hidden in it. Surrounding each grid are pictures of familiar objects, animals and people, whose names are hidden in the puzzle. The pictured things are easy enough to identify and children learn to spell words to solve the puzzle. Next to each picture is a row of blank spaces, in which children should spell out the name of the pictured items. Once they have filled in the correct letters and have the words on the page, they are ready to look for them in the puzzle. The words will run across or down and sometimes overlap each other. They circle the words or color the squares with a dry erase marker as they find them. The pictures are more than just hints, they are meant to be colored as the puzzles are being solved. Solutions are included on the back side of the package cover sheets. Click on the image to view the coloring pages included in this pack.

This set comes with 4 double-sided laminated coloring sheets (8" X 10"). THESE COLORING SHEETS SHOULD BE USED ONLY WITH DRY ERASE MARKERS. Foohy washable thinline dry erase marker set 6 counts (Sanford Corporation) is included in this pack.

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