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Magnetic Wooden Number Match Up Puzzle

by MagnaPlay

Magnetic Wooden Number Match Up Puzzle

This wooden Magnetic Number Puzzle comes with 30 colorful wooden tiles that fit together to form 3-piece number (1 to 10) picture sets.The sturdy 4" x 4" wooden tiles have full magnetic backing. This magnetic number puzzle set is designed to be used with the MagnaKase (Item # MP-01-02) which can serve both as a magnetic activity board and storage box. Children can play with their favorite magnetic Number Puzzle on the go while in a car seat or in a flight. The magnetic wooden Number Puzzle come in a zippered Vinyl bag for storage of the pieces after play and for easy transportation with the MagnaKase during travel.

The Number Match Up Puzzle is a great interactive activity that helps children develop number and math skills such as identification, sorting, matching and counting. This activity also helps children work on their fine-motor skills at the same time.

This is a fun activity where children learn 1 to 10 by counting the number of objects illustrated on one piece of the tile and matching it to the correct numeral and then to the right number word. As children play, they begin to associate quantities and figures with numbers. There are 2 levels of the activity based on difficulty. Initially as children begin learning they match only the number tiles to the object tiles in the first level.  As they get better at level 1, they start matching all three tiles and learn to associate the number with the word. The colorful pictures on the tiles will capture the attention of small children and make learning a fun experience. This activity can also be organized as a game between 2 children when at home. Shuffle the tiles and place them face up and let the children pick up one tile at a time.

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