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MagnaPlay Magnetic Coloring Travel Set

by MagnaPlay

MagnaPlay Magnetic Coloring Travel Set

The Magnetic Coloring Travel Set is great for vacations and staycations. The MagnaKase works great for coloring activities while on the go. Children can use the top of the case as a dry erase activity board as it has a dry erase magnetic surface. The MagnaKase comes with two magnetic strips that secure coloring pages to the activity surface, for coloring with crayons, color pencils or markers while on the go. Coloring pages and markers can be stored in the case. Children will love this great coloring travel toy.

The MagnaKase is a case with magnetic receptive surfaces that serve as an activity board. The MagnaKase does not contain magnets and metal objects will not stick to the magnetic surfaces. It is a great magnetic travel toy when combined with the MagnaPlay educational magnetic toys. The MagnaKase can also be used with children's favorite magnetic toys at home. 

The MagnaPlay Magnetic Coloring Travel Set includes:
·  1 MagnaKase - Magnetic Dry Erase Activity case with 2 magnetic surfaces.
·   8 Reusable Color and Erase (8" X 10") pages. Option to buy either the Search-A-Word  coloring puzzle orWhat"s Wrong with this Picture Coloring Puzzle. These coloring pages should be used only with dry erase markers or Crayons. These laminated sheets do not come with magnet strips fixed to them.
·   2 double-sided magnet strips (8" X 1") that secures coloring pages to the magnetic activity surface, for coloring with crayons, color pencils or markers while on the go.
·   BIC dry erase, low odor markers 4 count (black, blue, red, green colors). The fine tip markers ire ultra low odor, non-toxic and is washable off of skin with soap and water. 
·   1 Felt eraser. The 2" x 1  3/8" x 11  1/16" eraser is made from recycled wood and is virtually indestructible. 
Recommended for ages 3 and up.

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